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UBC Club Days 2015: Come Visit Us!

UBC Swing Kids are officially booked for Clubs Day!

With September just around the corner, we're excited to show you all the awesomeness that Swing has to offer. Come drop by our booth for some information on:

It's summer, you're looking at the UBC Swing Kids Page, let's party

So it's summer, and you're reading this post (and we know this because by the time it is no longer summer, there will totally be a new blog post. Cause we're gonna keep this updated. Super responsibly. Promise.)

So here's what we've got going on right now:

  • We're working hard to figure out schedules, instructors, and prices as soon as humanly possible because we want to put you on the dance floor as soon as humanly possible
  • In the meantime, we've got a list of places you can dance during the summer in the "where to dance in an around Vancouver page"
  • [we should probably talk about the possiblity of a "getting to know you" dance or something for people to look forward to. Set a date ASAP.]
Keep an eye out for us at club days, we'll report back soon with as much info as you need!